About me:

I am a 20 year old Interaction designer based in Arnhem, The Netherlands. On this site you will find mainly autonomous work made in school projects like interactive objects, compositions and concepts, but I also work as a freelance designer and filmmaker.

I like to think and dream about the future, in particular about the eroding border between technology and art. What do we look like in twenty years and what kind of tools are we using? In modern society we can barely live without all the technical stuff around us but does this mean we are becoming less human? I don't think so, I like to see it as an extension, a tool to interact with the things that aren't perceptible for us humans. These invisible layers can range from signals to large datasets and patterns using the accessible technologies we deal with every day to visualize them, give them a feeling. I think these principles create an interesting interaction between spectator and the work itself. Although technology can do great things, I think it is very important to look at the implications that a medium brings with it, in that critical view I find the foundation of my projects.

I am currently studying Interaction Design at ArtEZ Institute of the Arts in Arnhem.